Uncrossed Examined pt2

I don’t know how long this series will be, but here’s a list of things I plan to talk about. These all relate to the game. They are in no particular order.

Machine Learning and Data Science methods and techniques. Feature Engineering. Optimization techniques.

Graph Theory. Topology. Network Theory. Knot Theory. Protein folding. Category Theory. Visual Group Theory. Complexity Theory.

How to win the game. How to lose the game.

Wardley Maps. State Charts. Galton Boards. Bookshelves. Knowledge Graphs. Boundary Conditions. Edge Cases. Objective Functions.

Books: How to Read a Book. How to Solve it. Notes on the Synthesis of Form. The Joy of Abstraction. The Death of Time. The Model Thinker. The Temptation of the Diagram. How to Measure Anything.

ADHD. Apophenia. Shape Rotating. Synoptics. Pointillism. Spreadsheet Brain.

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