Flying is just easier

I talked with Adam Wern earlier today, and he told me when he’s in VR he will take the flying pretty quickly. Flying is just easier. It makes more sense than walking. He noticed that his kids do the same thing.

So it’s almost an innate – it’s almost like when you’re presented with a new kind of technology, there are some latent heuristics that just sort of come to the surface.

Another example of that would be text messages and how we just took to the idea of left margin, right margin in text messages. As if, like, as if there was not even like a debate about it.

It was just “Oh, yeah, this is me. I’m on the left and they’re on the right.” It was a heuristic latent in this new technology that, I suspect, was just stumbled on.

I think that we’ll also find latent heuristics when it comes to our new relationship with AI, you know, large language models and whatnot.

There’ll be things that will suddenly become obvious and other things will become like walking, right? Why would you walk when you could fly?

That said, this is sort of a slight pivot: Stand-off replaces the outline.

That’s actually the appropriate level of abstraction – the outline. It applies to code, because you know, all code is an outline. All text editors are outlines, they just decide to be flat. And standoff can easily consume or replicate the effect of an outline. So there’s no loss there, but it does so much more. And what it what it offers is it’s almost like a 3d outline.

Stand-off is an outline that can exist in higher dimensions and not be constrained by a dimensionally reduced formula.

#vector databases, #LLM

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