Running list of technical todos for site


  • still kicking the tires, trying to break it.
  • if it works well enough, strip out visual flare, and I can build it back in as needed.

Before going live

  • remove the current About page
  • add Bio, resume
  • personalize Readme, with massive props to swyx.
  • Newsletter? (a distraction?)
  • method for quickly adding internal deep links (possibly a keyboard shortcut on Mac and iOS)

Questions, possible glitches

  • 💡are emoji possible?
  • can I control discrete content chunks this way? Intros and such.
  • Using labels, or projects and categories? Projects
  • Shortcode for embedded tweets - sometimes not loading. (guess I need to look at the cache.)
  • /blog endpoint doesn’t seem to work locally
  • Also, h2 markdown, while working as expected in comments, shows hashtags on site. Style choice?
    • Tags in YAML are also rendered (in some instances) as h2.
  • internal linking? shortcode or hot key? MVP is just prepending my domain.


I want a system that I can effortlessly add content to, from any device, without needing to deploy. Using GitHub comments as a CMS fits the bill. I might try a different approach if these missives were important or elaborate, but they aren’t.

I am primarily just trying to change my habits. I write daily, but much of it is in shorthand, and none of it is public. (I have certain hesitations about contributing to the modern media zeitgeist, but I’ve let that become a crutch.) So the goal is to blog daily, come rain or shine, even if it’s just a scribble. I’m not trying to grow an audience and may outgrow this approach, but the primary goal will stick.

Iterating on Method

The default Published setting should be assumed to be Notes and nothing more. (I want to keep a clear delineation between my thoughts and a generic public landing page.) As such, there may not be a link from the main page to the notes. They can become essays or other things as I synthesize them more.

Features to add

  • A ‘notes’ section as default.
  • Other possible sections: use cases, portfolio, reading, essays,
  • Epic: better search
  • Epic: GitHub action (or something) to store comments (cms) safely, locally. - must also scrape images.
    • Alternate Epic: From Craft, send to GitHub issue? (w images. formatting?)

Performance and Security

  • Netlify build seems to work. can it do more?
  • See swyx for github token and cache enhancements

Visual personalization

  • I like the feature cards, the mdx stuff, but remove chrome.
  • Shortcodes are great. expand on it.
    • try out a fold w mdx to make a simple accordion
    • categories? or perhaps a yaml shortcode for stuff to get injected into the header.
    • put a link in a shortcode to embed? nah, that doesn’t make sense.
    • Mermaid shortcode? Ability to do graphs?

Down the road

  • block refs, inline content? maybe out of scope for this site. that’s a lab experiment.
  • Perhaps link to a different repo comments section to build glossary and ontology.
  • eventually use this content for a GPT-powered interface.
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