AI-Natives, Colonialization and Manifest Destiny

Just a wrapper:

  • Guillermo Rauch made a refined point about ChatGPT. I call it “refined” because it manages to make a point without aligning with either camp of the latest AI hype cycle.
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  • One of the replies to his tweet led to a great article. David vs Goliath AI Version. I call it “great” because it confirms my beliefs about AI. In fact, I’ll tread into deeper waters.
  • AI* is like a merchant marine. It’s that sort of invention.
  • Technically, any medieval peasant could’ve figured out how to make a boat and steer it out to sea. But if you want that boat to come back with treasure, you’ve got to have the resources to match. You can’t make a navy and then build a kingdom, the kingdom comes first.
  • AI* is like fascism in the 1930s. Fascism blossomed in nations that shared certain criteria: a demographic that is used to monarch-driven governance (aka waterfall), enough infrastructure for newspapers and radio, a critical mass of people in need, and a critical proximity of neighbors that couldn’t be trusted.
  • more on this ill-formed argument in a bit.
  • *: this type of AI, specifically ChatGPT
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