is a UX Product Manager.

Hi, I'm Alan.

I'm currently the Director of Digital Strategy That's a cross between a scrappy product manager & a technical creative director. at iostudio, a digital agency that creates enterprise-level applications for clients that include the National Guard and the US Chamber of Commerce.

We turn big ideas into a specific set of features & process flows. To everyone else it looks like sticky notes & whiteboard scribbles but to us it looks like some Ocean's Eleven master plan.

Short History

In middle school, my best friend and I drew and sold comics. It was my first startup. There was a thrill to fitting a narrative into a designed space that was only matched by Print Day. That's the day of the month we shipped product.

Curiousity & sheer stubborness led me into web development. But I truly love working with people so I found myself moving closer to the start of the product lifecycle, where the ideas See Cooper's Pair Design emerge from collaboration.

My Lifecycle:


    Graphic Designer

    Full-Stack Developer

    UX Architect

    Product Manager

    Director of Strategy

Yet To Do

I’m interested in what’s happening off the screen.
UX in Front, Schema in Back.
Be it the pipes and wires that built the application, the meetings where the application was conceived and negotiated, or the user who is either in love with the experience or must fuddle through it.

In the future, I would like to work with semantics and user automation. I'd like to design languages.

If you'd like to learn more, take a look at what I've been reading lately.